Scorpions, snakes, walls, and frogs; oh my!

24 06 2009

Emily Bates Emily Bates writes:

So I’ve made it to Israel, safe and sound.  I was very unexcited to arrive at 2am and sleep on the cold marble floor of the airport for several hours, but after arriving at the kibbutz and showering, I got a bit more excited about being here.  It’s pretty interesting to be staying in a kibbutz (although I admit to only vaguely understanding the concept), there’s a pool and the food so far has been great.  Especially lunch.

I haven’t excavated anything in six months and my muscles are definitely feeling it.  I don’t like getting up at 4 am and it’s too hot, but it’s great to be back in the field.  So far, we’ve been cleaning up the site to get ready to excavate, but we’ve already found a few walls and some nice orthostats.  I’ve also seen two (apparently not poisonous) scorpions, a snake and I had a frog jump up inside my pants, causing me to spill most of my breakfast.

The area of site I’m going to be working in is the western extent of the palace.  We’ll be looking to see if this area is the outer edge of the palace or if the palace extends further.  As well, we’re hoping to find more painted plaster in this area, which I’m definitely excited about.  One of my main archaeological interests is in looking at Aegean influences outside of the Aegean and it’s the reason I wanted to come to Tell Kabri.

So this coming week I’m looking forward to moving into the palace area, meeting more nice people and maybe even swinging a trip to Jerusalem this weekend.




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