Figs not Pigs: Food, Glorious Food…

29 06 2009

Sarah Plovanich Sarah Plovanich writes:

Life in the Eastern Mediterranean has been eternally influenced by food. Olive and fig trees are just as common in Israel as an American Maple or an Oak in the Midwest. Rosemary and the rest of the Herbs of Provence team line the streets of Jerusalem the way a hedge might decorate dead space between sidewalk and parking lots back home. The fruit bearing trees and fragrant herbs, native to the area, have been Israeli staples for centuries.

With one full week of digging in a site encompassed by avocado trees behind us, we have unearthed a wealth of pottery fragments most likely used for storing food and drink. Burnt olive pits and goat remnants litter our square showing proof of a healthy Mediterranean diet. The members of this Middle Bronze site situated their palace near the fertile area ideal for consuming.

Today, food is still a central focus at Kabri. Our work hours are broken up based on mealtimes. Glorious meals. Olives and figs are certainly on the menu with almost every meal, but the options have increased. A wonderful breakfast with tuna and cucumbers, hummus and tomatoes breaks up the mid morning and gives us both nutrients and incentive. Delicious dinners are always garnished with beet salads, cabbage and watermelon and the famous lunches are beyond expectations. The numerous and colorful options fill a table and never seem to go empty for too long. Dates, caramelized garlic, beans, cheese and mushrooms make up varied, authentic salads. No matter the time of day, you can find someone who is thinking about the lunches.





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6 07 2009
Jack VP's Mom

I want to hop the next plane from Idaho and be there for lunch.

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