Acre? Acco? Akko? Whatever it’s called, it’s Awesome!

6 07 2009

Phil Karash Phil Karash writes:

On the second weekend most of us went over to Akko, the famous city of the Crusaders (and plenty of others). We wandered through the city, learning its history through the numerous historic sites, such as the Turkish bath house, the Crusader hall and tunnels, and making our way along the walls, where one can watch the surf crash into the rocks below.

The place to eat is Abu Christo, right on the harbor. We got a full spread of salad and hummus, entrees, fresh lemonade, drinks, and coffee for an amazing price, all while sitting a few feet from the Mediterranean.

We also made it to the beach at Nahariya. We played in the huge waves until the few jellyfish scared us out. We left with some sunburn, but all had a wonderful time taking in the sights.

At the tel, the dig is going great. Sure, we still are a bit groggy as we wake up at around 4:00am, but the squares are clean and everyone is making finds, from plaster floors to various types of pottery. Having only really dug in North America, I’d never seen so many ceramics coming out of the ground and have had to get used to it not being such a big deal to even bring up a larger piece of coarseware.




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