Rain and Reign Over Kabri

12 07 2009

Sarah Plovanich Sarah Plovanich writes:

Just yesterday, a select few experienced the first hints of Israeli precipitation. Yes, a whopping bravura of a storm that lasted approximately 7 minutes and wet the outdoor surfaces of the kibbutz so thoroughly that we almost needed to wipe our chairs down before sitting again.

On the Tel, it is always evident where there is a tiny sliver in the rubber water pipes because within 2 short days, a charming miniature green sprout will have formed. It seems the ground is full of opportunist little seedlings needing just a few sips to plant root in the soil. Seven minutes of rain really is seven minutes in heaven.

Lectures and discussions held post-digging expatiate theories on Kabri’s ruling forces. How and why did the power of Kabri rise/fall? What is the extent of this kingdom? How is power distributed? Etc. Etc.

The rise of Kabri seems to come as quickly as these petite plants pop up in our site. The ecologic and economic climate during its 250-year life cycle was just the right combination for a burgeoning city-state. The land provided adjacent water springs and terrain for cultivation. Nearby trade routes flowed steadily allowing dots to connect and Kabri to sprout. Now to understand just who these adept Germinators were…




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