So It Begins…

12 07 2009

Justin Smulski Justin Smulski writes:

After an 11 hour flight, getting pulled out of line at customs, and a “interesting” (to say the least) taxi ride to HaYarkon Street in downtown Tel Aviv near the beach, I had officially made it to Israel safe and sound.  The bus to the kibbutz would leave the next day from the Airport, so in the meantime I had the rest of the day to explore.  Only did it truly hit me that I was walking along the Mediterranean Sea when, dipping my feet in the water, it felt nearly as warm as the air.  The weather was beautiful and after weeks of rain on the East Coast back home in the US the sun was much needed.  My friend and I found a little cafe along the same boulevard as our hostel and chowed down on our first meal in nearly a day unrelated to an airplane and/or airport.  The heat had still not let up when we made it back to the hostel around 1 a.m. from exploring the nightlife in Tel Aviv, though we were both so tired the temperature likely didn’t matter.  The next morning we checked out and made our way back to the airport, where we met with the rest of the second session diggers and boarded a bus towards Kabri.  Though anxious to get to the kibbutz and see what it was like, the two hour bus ride gave us all a good chance to see the landscape in Northern Israel.  After planes, trains, buses, and hostels… we had made it to the kibbutz.  The buildings are nestled into a thicket of trees and all center around a patio where everyone meets to converse and relax.  At our first meal together, those returning for the second sessions shared their stories, experiences, and tips from the first session.  Sweating, tired, and anxious to see the sight, though well-fed and in good company: so it begins, tomorrow morning at 4:50, when the bus leaves for the tel…




One response

16 07 2009

We are going to be checking your blog daily to follow your adventure.What a wonderful experience!Are you really arising at 4:30 AM?Can’t wait for pics.
Love, G&G

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