Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

15 07 2009

Chris Stevenson2 Chris Stevenson writes:

So there I was, crammed tightly in a 747 as I landed in Tel Aviv. As I entered the airport I couldn’t help staring at a large BMW advertisement written in Hebrew; at this moment I realized,
“Wow, I’m really here. Crap.” I replayed the email conversations
I had had with Helena Tomas, a professor at University of Zagreb,
Croatia, and one of the senior staff at Kabri. Because she, her two
students, and I were all arriving after the bus had already left the
airport, we planned to rendezvous at a café and head up to the kibbutz together. After traveling for over eighteen hours straight, one can find oneself rather delirious (as I’m sure many of you can imagine), and as soon as I couldn’t locate Professor Tomas I began to panic. Not speaking a word of Hebrew and being generally confused, I searched back and forth through the arrivals, to no avail. I had contemplated buying a train ticket and simply leaving by myself until I gave one last glance for Professor Tomas…and sure enough, there they were,
hanging out in front of a café. I met them with much relief and we continued our journey via train and then an awkward taxi ride to the kibbutz.

Now, after two days of digging, I, along with all the other students, have become acclimated to our new schedule of digging, eating, taking notes, and sleeping. I know more about archaeology than I’ve ever known (since Kabri is my first dig), and I am overall thrilled to have such an interesting and stimulating experience with fellow anthropology students. I look forward to the progress we will make as well as learning the ropes of being in the field. Go Kabri!




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